7 Correct Predictions of Death and Tragedy

I.American Airlines Flight 191 Crash

David Booth, a Cincinnati office manager, phoned American Airlines after having nightmares on ten successive nights about a DC-10 crash. Three days later, on 25 May 1979, an American Airlines DC-10 plane crashed at Chicago, killing 273 people.

2. Donald Campbell’s Death

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The night before his attempt to break the world water speed record in Bluebird on 4 January 1967, Donald Campbell told a journalist: “I have the most awful premonition that I’m going to get the chop. I’ve had the feeling for days. The following morning, Campbell was killed in a 300 mph crash aboard Bluebird.

3. King Wilhelm’s Death

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King Wilhelm I of Württemberg completed the building of Rosenstein Castle in 1829 but didn’t move in for another 35 years because a gypsy had prophesied that the King would die there. He finally took up residence in the castle in 1864 and died five days later.

4. The Dux Coal Mine Tragedy

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In 1896, German psychic Madame de Ferriëm had a vision of an impending disaster. She saw bodies being carried out of a coal mine at Dux in Bohemia in bitterly cold weather. Her vision was published in a German newspaper in 1899. The following year, in an extremely cold spell, hundreds of people were killed by an explosion in a coal mine at Dux.

5. David Janssen’s Death

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In 1980, American actor David-Janssen, former star of The Fugitive, had a dream in which he saw himself being carried out in a coffin after a heart attack. He consulted a psychic who advised him to go for a check-up, but it was too late. Two days later Janssen died from a massive heart attack.

6. A Russian General’s Death

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As Napoleon’s troops advanced into Russia in 1812 Countess Toutschkoff, the wife of a Russian general, dreamt that she was in a room at an inn in a strange town. In her dream, her father entered the room, holding her small son by the hand and told her that her husband had been killed by the French. He has fallen,’ said the father. He has fallen at Borodino. After having the same dream twice more, she told her husband and they consulted a map but could find nowhere called Borodino. On 7 September 1812 the Russians engaged the French in a fierce battle at a village called Borodino, west of Moscow. The Countess and her family stayed at a nearby inn while her husband commanded the reserve forces. The following morning, her father came into the room, holding her small son by the hand, and told her that her husband had been slain. He has fallen,’ he said. He has fallen at Borodino.

7. Spencer Perceval’s Death

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In May 1812, a Cornish innkeeper had a dream on three successive nights about the shooting of a prominent politician in the House of Commons. He had no idea of the identity of the man in his dream but a friend said the description matched that of the Prime Minister. Spencer Perceval. Several days later, news reached Cornwall that Perceval had been shot dead in the lobby of the House of Commons.

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