8 Amazing Facts About The Titanic

1. Fourth funnel was for aesthetics

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If you look at a photo of the ship, you will see four funnels. Amazingly, only three were real funnels; the fourth just carried vents from the engine room and kitchens – the designers of the ship just thought it made her look much grander that she would with just three funnels!

2. Strange prediction

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You can read a novel by Morgan Robertson called The Wreck of the Titan about a flagship ‘unsinkable’ ocean liner which collided with an iceberg and sank whilst it was attempting to cross the Atlantic in record time, leading to the deaths of more than half of the souls on-board, many going down with the ship after discovering there were not enough lifeboats for all of the passengers. If you think this is in bad taste, you may be surprised to hear that it was written and published fourteen years before the Titanic was launched. How strange is that?!

3.First class music

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There were no jukeboxes back in 1912, however if you were a first class passenger you would be given a book containing 352 different songs. You could request any one of these for the band to play, as each musician was required to know every single one of the songs!

4. Saved from the Titanic

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An actress called Dorothy Gibson survived the wreck, and four weeks later starred in a silent film called “Saved from the Titanic” – she wore the same clothes in which she had been rescued.

5. Iceberg was spotted too late

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When the iceberg was spotted, the captain did everything he could to turn the ship around, however it was too late and the hull was breached. Scraping down the side of the ship, six of the watertight compartments were wrenched open and from then she stood no chance. If only four had been opened, the Titanic would not have sunk.

6. Error in the headlines

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The headline of the first edition of the London Daily Mail’s on the 16th of April 1912 was “Titanic Sunk, No Lives Lost”. Tragically this couldn’t have been further from the truth, with the true loss being 1514 souls.

7. First sighting of the iceberg

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The first person on the ship to see the iceberg was called Frederick Fleet; he described it as ‘darker than the darkness.

8. Last tune played

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The ship’s band played for two hours and five minutes while she went down. Much debate continues to this day as to what the last tune played was, with some saying it was “Nearer My God to Thee” whilst others claim it was “Songe d’Automne.”

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