8 Amazing Facts About Victoria Beckham

1. Free air travel for life

image source: www.british.com

In the year 2000, an airline lost Victoria’s luggage. Because of this, she demanded free air travel for life!

2. Close call

image source: www.gettyimages.com

In 2000, detectives at Scotland Yard foiled a plot to kidnap Victoria and Brooklyn.

3. Naughty naughty Victoria

image source: www.the-f.com.au

Victoria once attended a private screening of the show Puppetry of the Penis.

4. What the????

image source: www.thedailymail.co.uk

She once said that David likes to borrow her knickers!

5. Cravings

image source: www.littlemissmama.com

When Victoria was pregnant with her first child, her cravings included marmite, fruit pastilles and pickled onions.

6. She’s not a book lover

image source: www.gettyimages.fr

A Spanish magazine quoted Victoria as having said “I have never read a book in my life”.

7. Another close call

image source: www.metro.co.uk

Victoria once received a death threat before performing on stage. The show went on as planned – until security guards saw a red laser light beamed onto her chest.

8. Free iPad

image source: www.davinadiaries.com

When her son Brooklyn smashed his iPad, Victoria wanted the store to replace it for free. They did.

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