9 Inventions Which Are Older Than You Might Think

1. Bra.

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In ancient Rome, female gymnasts wore a scarf called a strophium over the breasts to provide support. The modern bra was created in 1913 by MARY PHELPS JACOB, an American socialite living in Paris, her prototype model being two handkerchiefs tied to a length of ribbon.


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The comb dates back to Scandinavia around 8000 BC.

3. Cookery Book.

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The first volume of recipes was published in AD 62 by the Roman APICIUS. Tided De re coquinoria, described the feasts enjoyed by the Emperor Claudius.

4. Dentures.

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The first sets of dentures were in use around the 16ch century.

5. Mirror.

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The mirror dates back to ancient Egypt.

6. Plastic Surgery.

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In the third century BC, AMYNTHAS OF ALEXANDRIA is believed to have carried out the first nose-job.

7. Sleeping Pill.

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The sleeping pill was invented in the first century BC by CELSUS, a Roman medical writer. He gave patients suffering from insomnia a pill made from mandrake and henbane.

8. Toothbrush.

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Although the first nylon toothbrush didn’t appear until 1938, a form of toothbrush was first seen in a Chinese painting at the end of the 15th century Toothpaste goes back even further, to the first century AD –a Roman mix of vinegar, honey, salt and glass frit.

9. Umbrella.

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The umbrella was a Chinese invention in the second century BC


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